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Jackson Stormes:A Difficult and Amazing Journey

       Living with Dravet Syndrome and all the complications

Jaxs Medical and Travel Expense-- Healing With Cannabis

Jaxs needs cannabis medication for the end of December and January-- and-- follow up with qualifying MMJ doctor appointments.

Jaxs has been through an amazing year of getting off many medications and using Cannabis with great success. He is now successfully off Phenobarbital, Stiripentol, 50% decrease on his depakote, and completely weaned from the ketogenic diet/Modified Atkins Diet as well as Onfi and Klonopin. Beginning in July 2013 until November 2013 Jaxs was successfully weaned from Onfi and Klonopin; a highly addictive schedule 4 narcotic.

Since November when the wean became increasingly difficult, there has been no income coming into the home. To continue with Jaxs cannabis treatment, finanical assistance is necessary. Anything you can spare will help raise funds to ensure continuation of medical necessary cannabis treatment options. 

  • Jaxs needs assistance traveling back to California to follow up with his 215 MMJ physician. In NJ the doctor appointments are monthly to keep the MMP card current.
  • His Cannabis medication is costly and is not covered by Insurance companies. The discount which has assisted with managing the cost of his medication is no longer available and the cost is high.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as Jaxs cannot go without his medication that assists with keeping his seizures under control.